I have a pedal board, and I've never used the effects loop on my peavey xxx head but I've been trying and can't figure it out for some reason. I know it's not super hard or anything I just can't figure it out....please help.
what seems to be the problem? you don't know where to plug them in? are you getting no sound?
I thought i knew where to plug it in at but when I did no sound came out. I basically just need to know how to set it up like from the amp where does the send input go and where does the receive go and that kind of stuff. thanks.
amp Effects loop out > effects pedal in > effects pedal out > amp effects loop in
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basically send-->effects--->return also make sure the send and return levels are at a good volume. what effects are you using?
that's what i thought at first. here's how everything is. send > volume pedal > compressor > tuner> delay > return and then i have my guitar plugged into the amp. That's how I thought it was supposed to be, but it still isn't working.
you sure? maybe its a faulty pedal or cable. make sure the send and return levels are turned up
nah its not, i just tried it with a couple different cables. when i plug the guitar into the input, it works, but the effects don't.
Are you sure you are not in the clean channel? I think the loop works only when not in the clean channel, don't quote me on that though.
^im surprised he didnt call you a "retard" for not knowing how to use it.. hes using that term very loosely over the past few days.. and no dont quote him b/c effects loops work on any channel
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have you tried using only one fx on the loop to see if it's an actual problem/setting somewhere on the amp, or whether it's in the fx chain somewhere?
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I just tried taking all the pedals off, and still the one that i had left didn't work, so I plugged a different one up annndd still didn't work...What would be wrong with the amp if anything?
When you say 'using a pedal board', do you mean it's a single multi-fx unit, or it's a board with a bunch of stomp boxes? That will make a big difference on how you connect.
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