This is a song I spent most of my time writing and I am really proud of this one. So please crit honestly. And of course -Crit4Crit-. Enjoy guys. (By the way it's acoustic. I know some of you guys don't like acoustics.)

listening as i type. i like the idea. but the vocals could be worked on, but the guitar sounds good. the lyrics are good, and now im hearing, the guitar isnt in tune. some of the chords are a little clashy, but the song writing is in a vein i like, keep it up, reminds me of dashboard confessional for some reason. check out out my instrumental, and if you want to hear a full song, listen to "nope, thats my grandmother!"
Thanks for your crit. I always have a problem with my guitar being in tune. I try to tune if by ear of this software I have off my computer, but I never can.