My friend is building a 5-string fretless bass, and im kinda worried about whta were gunna be able to do with it. We play pretty heavy stuff (trivium, bullet for my valentine....) and if i recall, fretless basses are used for jazzy sounds. Now he is putting active EMGs in it but still, is it gunna sound jazzy at all? plus he plays with a pick, and he hasnt been playing long enough to know about where all the frets are and should be on it, so i think he may not be able to get some of the sounds he wants, as well as do any covers. anyways, thats what i think. is anyone feeling that he'll be fine?
sounds like he needs a fretted bass first... tell him to use the fretted cuz he ll be way better off with it... frettless and heavy dont really mix well... actuallly not really at all.
Ya, if he doesn't know where the frets are, he should start with a fretted, and then if he wants to, move on to a fretless.
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Yeah i didnt think they went together. hes being playing his 4 string yamaha fretted bass and he wants to move on, but i think its far too early, he hasnt even been playing for a year yet.
If he hasn't been playing for a year yet, he is in no way ready for a fretless bass, never mind a five string one.

Tell him to stick with fretted basses. If he wants a five string, fine, but not a fretless one.
lol @ heavy (metal-core), sorry that was un called for. Anyway it will be a bit of a challenge for him to adapt and still be able to learn all the songs with the rest of the band, that is unless he is determind and practises heaps.

But I'll just mention Steve Digiorgio, and veteran of all types of Heavy Metal (Death Metal, Power Metal etc) and of bass playing, he uses fretless basses aswell (usually 5 stringers) and is one of the best and most technical players in metal, so don't throw too much doubt. He'll just have to experiment with strings (tell him to look at flat wounds so that he doesn't destroy the finger-board) and EQ settings.
i guess if he absolutely dont wanna wait he could find out how to and put it where is shows where the frets are but they arnt there, i forget what thats called....anyone?? its like painting the frets on or somethin, i dunno or he could put the dots in.
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well if u play trivium and stuff (which me and my frined do most of the time) then jsut get a fretted but beeing able to incoorperate a fretless with metal would be amazing say if u improvise and stuff. I think i wanna do that...