i've just got a question, i was thinking about getting a behringer combo for a practice amp...however, ive heard behringer products tend to stop working after a given amount of time...and ive also heard that they are great reliable products....sorta tugging at me from each end...i figure that if i get one and treat it with care...it should last...but i just dont know haha...anyone got any opinions? [oh and dont reccomend me a different type of amp...i just wanna know your opinions on behringer stuff]
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I've never owned one myself - but I have a bass playing friend who has owned one for 3 or 4 years now and he seems to love it. He uses it a few times a week and a gig time to time - seems to hold up fine
^I've heard thats only for bass though
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You get what you pay for.
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Their bass stuff is good. I own the V-tone GMX212, the gain isnt bad, it seems durable, but the clean channel is like half as loud as the gain channel, which makes it near impossible to switch between them.

They are good beginner amps.
behringer amps, i found to be quite cheap. You really get what you pay for. Hwoever, ive had good experiences with behringer rack gear, like compressors, rack mount EQs, vocoders, all that fun stuff, and ive had great experiences with their eurorack mixers. Great products, and great prices. I think they excel in their production/live audio products opposed to their guitar gear.

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Depends on what you get from them. Their guitars, basses and amps tend to be crappy. Their modelling systems sound like ass. Their effect pedals are crappy, and their mics are bad. They're all aimed at the low end beginner market where people just don't know better.

However, their audio equipment such as rackmount processors and their mixers tend to be pretty good for the price.
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for guitar amps they can be good and crap my first amp was a 15w practice and it sucked so bad. but my v-tone 120w is much better. if you get one make sure it has a presence knob if it doesnt it will sound flat and scratchy and make you commit suicide
Ive had my behringer amp for about a year and a half now, and its still works.
its not a very good amp, but still works, good for practice. its built in effects and overdrive channel... are not very good though.
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