im moving to the states for highschool and shipping my stuff would be more than the equipment is worth. so for better or worse, im forced to abandon my current rig (and say goodbye to the band ). fwiw, my rig now consists of: a prs copy, a starter acoustic, a pod xtl, a keyboard amp, a laney solidstate amp, and a microcube. i love the versatility, dont like having to tweak alot.
anyway, im trying to go for the best of both worlds here with: a ux1 toneport thing in my dorm, and a decent combo (genz benz is 1st on my list right now) in a soundproof music practice room in the school. tbh, i cant really justify anything more than a cheap modeler for practice with, since im supposed to be studying my ass off there, and i dont even know if i can get into a band (but since when do gas afflicted guitarists care about need? ).
anyone think they can work with my budget (keep in mind i want to buy new guitars too which leaves about 1.2~3k) and come up with a better rig? how good is the ux1 anyway? i would like some ideas on basic fx too, just wah, chorus, delay, and eq all of which i had tons of in the pod, but now i dont know where to start (i've never used separate stompboxes). how about a multi fx? are there any decent ones?

almost forgot, my tone 'role models' are petrucci, steve morse, knopfler, and then all the usual classic rock/blues guys (young, dharma, srv etc)
Just stick with the POD. The toneport is meant more for recording. The POD has more guitar amp models anyway. If you get an amp with a parallel effects loop you can use the POD for effects (you don't NEED a parallel fx loop, but it helps, as you retain your dry tone).

That should save you a bit of money that you can use for a better amp.
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Guitar: Agile AL-3500 (~550 shipped, 700 tops with new pups, stock are Alnico V IIs)
MFX: Whatever you like best. (PodXTL, Boss GT-8, whatever)
Amp(s): Keyboard/PA Amp loud enough for gigging. 100w should do it. Check out the Roland KC-350 or possibly a Tech 21 Power Engine 60. FRFR Amps work wonders with multi FX.

Amp won't be more than 600.

So you got a nice rig there for 1600-1800 USD.

EDIT: You should know about the FRFR effect on MFX, I just reread your post, having read it a few days ago.. I forgot that you had a keyboard amp. Anyway, check out the Tech 21 PE 60 (They come stock with a V30 now, but you could swap the speaker out for an FRFR speaker and sell the V30 on ebay or something). In my opinion, your current rig is fine, just rebuy it. Heh.

And I've heard the Agile 3000 beats out some of the 1.5K Gibson guitars when it comes to quality, playability, and sound. Or at least comes close. I'm sure the 3500 will be just as nice.
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Guitar: ibanez s470
mfx: your choice
amp: if you could, the peavey bravo 112 (yes, i know i'm biased) is good. it's like the 5150, or 6505, whatever you wanna call it. it's smaller though, which makes it good for dorm rooms and such. look used though, they don't sell em anymore. and they still get loud.
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Schecter Jolly Roger ($500)
PodXt ($300? I'm guessing)
Traynor YCV 50 blue ($700)

Very solid rig for $1500.
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