i got the dimebag crybaby from hell, and its shorting out on me, it only stays in the low frequencies and goes to the high when it wants to, it is also killing my connection to where i have no sound at all, i want to get a new one but i need some input from you guys. any experiences, likes/dislikes about wah pedals you have, have owned or have tried would be greatly appreciated. thanks
before you do that, check your cables, your cables might be broken or have bad connections through them

Just a thought... and easily checkable
I have a standard Crybaby. It is alright. Nothing wrong with it, just not for me. It is a solid pedal, has the classic wah sound.
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something's wrong with it if it's doing that, I have one, and it doesn't do that at all. Something is shorting, or bad, like a solder joint or part. It's a great wah IMO, I've had no problems with mine so far. Does it do it on every freq setting, sweep control, and at different positions of the Q control? With or without the boost?
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it has the same problem on every setting, ive tried to tweek it any way i could to get rid of it but its still bad, as for the boost, i never really used it but ive tried it and it does the same thing
I see, too bad, it's a great wah when it's working right. I take it you are into finding a metal wah. I really love the sound of a Budda, it has a really cool vocal quality about it, but it's aimed at the more vintage tone I guess. The 535Q is a very versatile wah, but the CFH is really just a hotrodded version, so I don't know if you feel comfortable with Dunlop. If you can find a cheap GCB-95 though, they are really easy to mod into a great wah for about $15, the mods are all over the internet. Those are the only ones I've tried. There are guys on here that seem to like the weepeing demon and Morley wahs for metal too from what I've seen.
"The fool doth think he is wise, but the wiseman knows himself to be a fool." - W.S.
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