Anyone know how to play. Whats a good way to learn and whats a decent well priced harmonica? thanks in advance.
i play just for fun.
i just bought a Cmaj harmonica for 30$CDN.
I just play notes and play it over my guitar, i dont really know how to traditionally play but im sure there are ways.
pick one up first though dude, even a cheap one because i can tell its not something thats for everyone, and make sure you like it first.
Ive got one but its really just a childrens toy and I really think it would be interesting to play crazy stuff like blues traveler....etc.
I didn't think we would ever make enough money to pay rent by playing music.
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no dude, way up in canada.
i think it would bne interesting to be able to play really well too, but from my experience it is pretty hard. i havent had it toooo long either.
its fun none the less, just get one in a key you like to play in, Cmaj is the easiest becuase it is entirely major notes so it works well if you wanna play along to guitar.
dont get one too expensive, and not too cheap...
you could probably get some sheet music and stuff from a local music store or try over the internet, so just talk to a person in a local music store and they will hook you up with what they think is pretty good for you. try not to get someone that just is there to make sales though.
peace bro and good luck.
Thanks! I asked because i know a kid named mike in a local blues band and he plays a bit of improv harm for fun. Strange coincidence. Thanks man. Peace.
I didn't think we would ever make enough money to pay rent by playing music.
-Gregg Allman

*Insert sarcastic, ego-boosting quote here*
i added you to my buddies list, i will be checking up on you sometime.
and no problem, glad to help.

wouldn't that rule out hohner then?

edit hohner is good
what is the music theory and what does it teach you, like scales, solos, and to build speed???

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is there a harmonica thread anywhere on UG? and if so where is it?

I'm not sure, but check out the ONLY Other Instruments thread herein MT. I don't have it right now, but try a search

Should be able to find a very helpful forum there that I used to frequent. Great harmonicas as good prices. I recently got a Delta Frost for $25. Probably your best bet, it's a very good harp. But ask around there, the people are friendly and as I said, helpful.
Put on a Ozark Mountain Daredevils CD or album..(Song? country girl, many others) .select one of the harp tunes, most are not terribly complicated, and can be great for improvising, but then there is the Key the harp is in that can complicate things, if your trying to follow Steve Cash's playin, I usually play a (Harp included) Daredevils song on my acoustic with a Harmonica holder, Do the same with Neil Young tunes , Like Heart of Gold, not to hard to improvise to....... I use a Hohner Blues Harp, I have many keys.

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If you play a harmonica and a guitar in the same key, its called straight harp.
Pretty simple, but if you want that really good harmonica sound you have to play
cross harp. Get a book on cross harp and it will tell you which keys of the harp go with the keys of the song. In other words you wouldn't use a C harmonica for a
song in C, because in cross harp you start off sucking in instead of blowing out.