Okay, so i need to know how much my baby is worth.

What: Fender Jazz Bass

Color: Red(looks like a candy apple, changes shades in different lightings)

Condition: Used, has some cuts and bruises so to speak, chips here and there, a few scratches on the back of the body(possibly from belt buckle, i dont know, i bought it in the same condition it is in), and a cigarette burn(once again, was there pre-purchase)

Special Notes: White Pickguard, Two Single-Coil EMG pickups(i didnt put them in), 50th Anniversary Model, American-Made

I purchased it from the Madison, TN Sam Ash for about $550

I am able to fill the chips and color-match
Don't fill in anything.

You'd likely be able to get it sold for a profit, maybe between 650-750 on craigslist?
Why sell it now?
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i agree with MetalUTA, don't try to "pretty" it up. small dings, and buckle rash, are ok.
the burn is not good. on a strat it may be cool, but on a bass, it's not. i would estimate a selling price, to an individual, between $500 to $650. even the p-up upgrade, lowers the value, unless you have the original parts. a dealer will offer you around $300 for trade in. a pawn shop will offer you about $150-$200.
The pupgrade lowers the value, but could up the cost to the right person, if you catch my drift.
I'm not looking to sell

It means a lot to me because i saved up my money and bought it. I want to know how much it is worth, in the case that it is stolen or someone makes an offer i can't refuse.

And no, I do not have the original pickups