Hey guys, I'm having trouble with the E-minor barre chord, but I'm fine with all the other barre shape (A-major, A-minor, E-major shapes). There's just one string, the 3rd one to be specific) that always rings dead. No matter how hard I try, I can't do it. Any suggestions?
Adjust the position of the barred finger (index). Try again. It takes practice and strength. This comes with time.

I assume you're playing one of the following...?


Looking for my India/Django.
if you're thinking about this shape -> 333553 (doesn't matter which chord it is...) then you use index to barre, ring and pinky on the 5th fret and try to give additional push on your index finger with your middle finger.
i don't know how correct it is to do that, but i do it often when playing acoustic which requires more strenght and it helps.
Can't you just take off your middle finger from the E major form?
If it's just that your barre won't sound out on the 3rd string then yeah, keep playing and it'll come. I had the same problem but then one day I was like waddaya know? Six notes!