I just replaced my MIM Strat pickups with a set of Mighty Mites that I got off ebay for 20 bucks. When I installed them I notice that they all had the same wire colors, black and white. The website said that white was hot and black was ground and I installed them accordingly. I noticed that I was supposed to have a middel pickup with a yellow hot wire that was reverse wound and would give a hum canceling effect in positions 2 and 4. . I didnt have a pup with a yellow wire.
Anyways the pickups sound great and I get a nice strat "quack" in positions 2 and 4, but no hum canceling. I was just wondering if, since my middel pickup does not appear to be reverse wound, can I just wire it in backwards (hot to ground, ground to hot) to get the hum canceling effect?
What key are we in again?