This concert was effing amazing.
atreyu, silverstein, as i lay dying, thrice, and the deftones,
perfect combination.
i got to meet atreyu, danny said i was a good guitarist, then i gave him a hug. hes a really nice guy!!
then i talked with travis and alex for a while, and went over to hang with the guys of silverstein. man, are they cool.

best effing concert ever!
Names Justin
ppl call me dymond
sounds good though i would only go for thrice and as i lay dying... what genre are thrice in anyway? Can't find any threads about them.
i think thrice is metal/rock
as i lay dying owned tho
it wa awesome
Names Justin
ppl call me dymond
^IMO thrice is cooler though
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Sup dudes, I'm stoned as **** and I want to make a bad ass mix of metal bands like Atreyu, Trivium, Funeral For Friend and **** like that. So get some suggestions dudes...Later
I would say Thrice is Post-Hardcore..

But yea, Id only want to see Thrice, AILD...and I suppose I'd see Silverstein again.
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i got to meet atreyu, danny said i was a good guitarist

Did you play him something?
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yeah, you took your guitar to a gig?
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wake me up when september ends makes me cry evry time!

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I love Atreyu y'know but alot of people say they're a poseur/poser/wtf you wanna call it band.
Thrice just rule. To think i got into thrice 'cos i heard "stare at the sun" on SSX3.

Thrice used to own. I saw them three years ago and I saw them 1 year ago. And the show three years ago owned.Mostly because they play only Identity Crisis and The Illusion of Safety. Identity Crisis is by far my favorite Thrice cd.