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Hey guys whats the worst/dummest thing you have ever done to your guitar?

hope u guys come up with some good stuff!
i tried to take it off and hit hy head with the guitar.
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one time i shoved the head of my old squier through my basement ceiling, and to this day there is a large hole there.

also i shoved the head of my bc rich warlock through my 15 watt crate ( which i just got a new speaker for )

i have a respect for musical equipment akin to that of kurt cobain's
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hehe nice. mine was leaving in in a bag with a screw driver and it got fully scratched. But i went back to the shop and said i bought my tele with scratches and asked for a new one. they gave me a new one!
well, it wasn't on purpose but once when I was standing up with my guitar, the strap came off and my guitar fell to the ground and a big chip came out. It came out of the top side of the body right at the bottom of the neck, even though it fell on it's bottom/side.

Dah well.
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I banged my old Strat into a gigantic bass drum and knocked a huge chip out of it. No biggy.
i crashed/jumped into a drumset and banged up my gibson LP studio quite a bit, but its still playable and thas all that matters.

I also had this stupid idea to play my drummers cymbals with my tele's headstock, didnt damage the guitar though, just scared up the headstock.

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umm ive drug it on cement cause i couldent be botherd to fully carry it ive bitten it ive drilled holes in it out of boredome ive dropped it ive through it against a wall... umm yeah **** like that its a pos strat copy that ive beaten some tone into it just has character now
mmmh. one day i putted the guitar with the strap at my back (like if it was a bow. soooo lame). so suddenly the strap gets loose and it begins to fall. good thing that i have good reflexes. i cathed it from a string hahahah. since that i play with straplocks
i opened my hardcase upside down, after turning it around cos i thought it was the wrong way, and the guitar fell out, i think it dented the headstock, but im not sure....
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i had a party and fell asleep with my strat on the trampoline got woke up about 5 and it was covered in dew and completely soaked being drunk was the only thing that stopped me freaking out luckily it was fine was i dried it off, but yep thats probably the stupidest thing ive ever done to my guitar
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Painted the name of a band I was in on it that broke up a week later. now im stuck with a big red 'end of the line' on the front until i can be bothered to refinish it.
^no offence man but that is quite a bad name.
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The worse thing I did to my guitar is that I played it.
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I took the neck off of my old Strat copy and hit my brother with it, also threw my Squier across the room when I couldn't play something properly, and strummed my acoustic guitar so hard that the saddle bit of the bridge just fell down. My new(er) guitar is as yet relatively un-f*cked up, but it's only a matter of time...
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the worst thing that happened to my guitar was i was spining it rond my neck with straplocks on then the whole straplocks comes out of my guitar and the guitar went flying but it was fine cos it was on grass
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guess it would be buy it otherwise i take care of my guitars besides the occasional ding here and there and lots of scratches havent done anything that bad to it
tried playing a solo with my teeth--on rusty strings

friend got electrocuted while doin that,he said
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Accdent put a hot soldering iron on my bridge pickup... now i use it for a killswitch.
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Hehe, yea once I was trying to replace the neck picking, and then I sneezed twice in a row, first mistake, didn't put down soldering iron, my neck pickup is pretty screwed, it's now a kill switch.
Atleast you can use distortion and not sound like an idiot. I'm (hoping) to be getting some old '85 Explorer pickups off ebay for it. Just because there cheap, they work, and I really don't care how they sound.
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I picked up my (fairly new) Les Paul in its case and i forgot that I hadn't done up any of the catches on the case and it fell out.....It was fine though (thank god)
just a few minutes ago i finished repainting the pick gaurd on my strat copy rising sun colours. the design is amazing, but then i accidentaly put the tone knob on the volume knob and when i took the knob off the volume pot i stripped it and now it doesnt work. at all. its my only guitar. im angry. anyone have suggestions on how to fix this?
haha to tedward[get a pair of pliers for it]thats my best advice

i bashed my old sqier strat into the ceiling a few time, not much bad stuff has happened to it
I was backstage after my band played our first gig and i layed my fender fat strat on its case and our drummer stepped on it. But hes a toatal dumbass.
Ok, i think mine is pretty good. This happened to my Rickenbacker.
Alright, so i had just finished reading the UG article on haow to throw your guitar around yourself, i i was like "oh, thats not so hard, i think i can do it." I go outside and try it a few times. (i have strap locks obviously) The guitar doesnt make all the way aroudn so i decide to throw harder, and low and behold i experince some terrible strap lock failure.

There was great sorrow and gnashing of teeth.

fortuneately i happened to be standing in the only part of my yard with a sidewalk. (yea, bad idea i know, but hindsight is always 20/20) So my guitar is slammed into the sidewalk, two of the knobs pop off, and some big abrasions on the back and the top rear corner of the head stock is basically sanded off. Thak god for that hand rubbed oil finish, you can hardly tell it ever happened, although i still havent found a screwdriver small enough to put the knobs back on.
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not to my own, but i threw rocks at someone who then used their guitar as a sheild

oh yea and i had someone open my case and my guitar fell out on to a concrete floor. to this day there is a 2 inch hole on the bottom that is covered in ducktape
I was concentrating too much on the song and drooled on my fretboard. (multiple times)
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I was really into slipknot and carved "If You're 555, I'm 666!" into the back of my bass. Also i did the band name aswell...carved "Umbra Sanctuary" into it. Now i gotta carve a "the" before it...cause the new band has a song called "the umbra sanctuary" fav though is i carved " hell hath no fury like a metal head told to turn it down" into the back.
I was heading home after my lessons and i put my guitar ontop of my car so i could open the door and put my amp inside. For some reason i spaced and left it up there..probably because it was the same color as my car but anyway i drove a few feet and it flew off. Chipped the body up pretty nice but it still worked.
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punching my guitar today pretty much it
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New thing.

I lent to to my friend.

Injury: He took a bite, actually a bite, out of my headstock
Went to a gig, finished, started talking to a girl, and left it behind. Luckily, the other band picked it up an returned it to me. Band Rule 1. Never let "P#$$Y" make you forget your axe.
well my brother threw a t.v controller at it whilst it was on its stand and i got a big old chip. And a kid at school got hold of it in its gigbag and was swinging it around. it hit a wall and it lost a load of paint off of the bottom
Okay check this for a "taxi!"

I was selling my old Ibanez Gio, which I'd stickered up. So i took off all the stickers, but there was still some of that gluey mank left on it. So i tried to get it off with a cloth, which wasn't happening. So clever old me takes an abrasive scourer. Yeah, the glue came off........ so did half of the finish. The guy bought it anyway, thank ****. It looked horrible.
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i left it out one night with out it being in the case

that's NOT bad
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