Hey guys, i've started modding a strat-styled guitar. I'm planning to paint the body and headstock either a black colour (it's white at the moment) or a metallica blue. Either way, i want to change the colour of my pickguard to either black or a mirror.

So this might seem silly, but how do i take the pickups off the pickguard, and remove the volume/tone pots without disrupting the wiring? i can't seem to work it out

Also, on the note of my pickguard being a mirror, could this work? it would be a bit of work, jigsawing the design out and stuff, but still, is it possible?
i have seen mirror pick guards
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You know what you can do, sand the pickguard's finish, put lots of nail polish, then finish it again.
Hahaha. Anybody else notice that he said 'metallica blue'. My advice to you is to draw a diagram of how it is wired, then unsolder everything. It's a good learning curve, especially if you lose your diagram Otherwise, depending on your guitar, you will have to unsolder only the jack and the tremolo ground. If you don't have a soldering iron, try unscrewing everything. I'm pretty sure you can buy mirror pickguards, although I can't think of exactly where at the moment.
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This may sound stupid but how do you take the thing off the end of the pickup selector and whre can you get different coloured ones
The pot knobs can be taken off most of the time if you wrap a shirt tightly around it and pull it off. Sometimes they are screwed on so you can try to apply additional force by turning it slowly, to unscrew it by turning it.
You can buy pickguards online like at warmoth, or stew mac. I'm not sure about mirror pickguards though, so you might have to hunt some down. Try ebay.
good luck
Quote by Invictious
You know what you can do, sand the pickguard's finish, put lots of nail polish, then finish it again.

is this just another lame idea or has anyone ever actually succesfully done this?
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