u just got a roland cube 30 and have been messing with the settings on it for a while now and cant seem to find the sound im looking for, i also have a boss mt-2 pedal but i dont have it with me right now and have not yet tried it with the cube and i am wondering if the pedal will help me get the sound im looking for or should i just use the cube by it self??
it's the cube for about 90 %...
you should buy an amp, like marshall, randall (whatever)..with a clean channel and 1 or 2 overdrive channels...the most amps above the 200 $ prie-range should have a eq...
treble, bass, middle, contour...you could easily reach lot's of sounds...
the cube or an vox advt50, line6 amps...the most of them ar modelling amps with presets...but buying an good amp and maybe a parametric eq should change your sound a lot
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The CUbe is a decent sounding amp. Using an MT2 through it will just kill your tone. But you can try it if you don't like the sound you're getting now.
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so basicly i would be getting a better sound out of the cube alone, but is it at all possible to get a nice tone with the mt 2 thru the clean channel?? or will i be wasting my time trying to?
You're looking for a metal tone I'm guessing?

Does the cube 30 have a recto model?

If so:

Bass 7, Mids 2-3, Treble 6-7, Presence 5-7

Play around with it, maybe crank the bass to 10 and treble to 7-8, mids up to 3, presence at 4, whatever.
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