Ive just recently been handed the role of lead guitarist in our band and im not exactly used to a whole lot of speedy solos. I just wondering how it is you build up speed and be awesome at playing? Are there scales to do? If so, can u post links, or can u recommend some relatively easy solos by artists for me to learn? I really want to become quick at playing.
lol it'S funny someone's getting lead guitarist, but not being able to do that job...
at first, you have to keep a lot of patience...
it'S not that easy becoming quick at playing guitar...
you should buy a book or search the ug-lessons section...or buy guitar pro and download the lessons...
there are some good lessons...
but using a metronome is the most important thing building-up speed with 3-bpm steps and starting from 50, working up to 180...
just have a look ath the lessons section and practice some chromatic scales or pentatonic a-minor scale
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A few years ago when I first learnt lead (up til then I'd played only rhythm) the main problem I had was the strength in my little finger, as its very rarely used strumming chords... try and use your little finger as much as possible for a month or so, even when you dont need too... it will get it nice and strong for when you rip through those solos
basically... practice practice practice lol. Use a metronome and play scales and just make it faster as you get better. Even tho it seems like it will take forever, eventaully u will get faster
Yeah, dude, I've been handed the role of lead guitar player. But that's because I'm the best one they can find in our town. I'm not going to brag about it, though--it's rather sad. I haven't played hardly any lead. But today, I got with the band to practice for the first time today. And Just by playing from this one book, I had a couple of licks ready. Not much, but enough to live off of.

I haven't even looked at the book much, and it has HELPED me. It gives you exercises to help with finger independence and everything. I like it. It's called "Speed Mechanics for Lead Guitar" by Troy Stetina. Never heard of the dude, but apparently, from listening to him, he knows what he's talking about. He teaches sweep picking, "finger rolling", alternate picking (But duh, that's pretty much one of the basics of lead), and lots of other things. Check it out.
Ok, thanks a lot. I'll ring around and see if i can get hold of a copy. Thanks heaps
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Learn scales e.g. Minor pentatonic but play lead melodically, instead of just chasing what notes are in the scale.
Check out this article I wrote.


Anyway, leads aren't always fast flurries of notes. A good lead guitarists knows how to use each note to its fullest and take advantage of space between phrasing. You're not a lead guitarist. Once you accept that your "title" is useless then you'll be able to learn how to be one. Don't focus on 100% speed either, because no matter how much you chase speed there'll always be someone faster than you. If speed is your only skill, then that instantly makes them a better soloist than you.

Here's a good video on the skills you need to be a well rounded soloist...


I'm a bassist, yet I write the lead stuff in my band (my lead guitarist is good, but can't write for ****). Learn every scale there is. I did it in one summer, constant practicing. Also, learn what scales go well together, and learn the use of accidentals. I'm not gonna tell you what sounds good with other stuff, cos it's important that you find out yourself, or you'll never become an "independant musician". And speed isn't everything. I get wowed by some of the slowest solos, because they're the ones that have the most heart.

Don't feel the need to use every technique ever. I can sweep pick, but barely use it (even though my band is prog rock/metal).Learn by all means, but because you can do something doesn't necessarily mean that you have to use it in every song.

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