hey guys... any of you know that song? i need some help playing it... on the chorus/main riff, do i strum up and down or is down only okay?
so all down picking is fine if im more comfortable... or do you think i should develope going up and down?
Are you saying that you don't know how to alternate pick? And you're trying to play Canon Rock?
Well get comfortable doing it, if you can't alternate pick well then you're going nowhere as a guitar player.
Well, when muting the main riff i downstroke fast coz i want that hard chunk and feel. If you alternate, it'll sound fast but not as hard as heavy downstroke IMHO. Dont get me wrong, you can get it harder but i just feel my downstoke is heavier than my up, hence i downstroke. I dont downstroke when playing the G string's note inside the progression, i use alternate instead.
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Thats what she said...
visit the jerryc forums, I'm sure there are plenty of topics on it.

Personally I strum down only because it gives the riff more "crunch", but maybe you want to alter the overall sound of the riff from how Jerry's cover is....up to you.