these guys are amazing. signed to deathwish, 'in place, apart' is an amazing record from start to finish. my favourite off it so far has to be 'sick of sleeping'. i absolutely love the singers voice and his lyrics. their self-titled is also amazing from what i've heard of it, 'before you fall asleep' blew me away.


listen to 'before you fall asleep' and 'rough draft, an explanation'
rites of nothing.
mm, i dont think they are amazing. Its kinda same old. Lyrics? You cant even hear the lyrics really I dont think. Oh well, I did give it a chance and i must admit im kinda biased because im really not into that kinda screamy stuff, but fair doos if you like it.
I made a thread about them a few months ago and everybody hated them. I love them though, Four Years Too Late is my favorite song.
^ that's a great song. props as well for the modern life is war avatar. another amazing band.
rites of nothing.