hiya! i realy love brian may and queen, and i even own his vox ac amp but i also heard about his mini ten watt amp that john deacon made for him, i heard vox made a version of it could some one send me a schematic of it so i can build onf for my self.

sorry if this is too much to ask but i'd realy love to make one of these to acopmany my vox amp and brian may type pedal board.
You can probably pick up the Brian May special amp used probably cheaper than you build one. I know that it has preamp in and outputs. So, you could use it through another amp for more power or volume if needed. I'm not sure how the amp sounds though. By the way the Brighton Rock Solo is totally badass!!!
erggh digetech. sorry no i have had bad experience with digetech after trying out all of there artist and expression pedals in a shop i found then to be terrible, plus i wood realy enjoy making it.
i think that he used the car radios for some form of strange distortion or other effect or something, but not sure.

as for the amp, a vox ac30 should be able to replicate pretty damn well outside of the effects
This can't just be me, because that's awesome tone if you ask me. When using it as a standard guitar amp, I agree, it sounds rather sub-par. But if you use it the way May did, trust me, that little thing can sound awesome. I've played it, the recording is a bit wimpy on the bass, but it is a sweet amp.

Some links:

The schem is in there. That's the reissue one.

You're gonna need to scrounge around for more info. Good luck.
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