Ok so Ive been playing for awhile but ive never upgraded my crappy squier 15g amplifier. Ive been thinking about getting a new amp. I dont really want to spend more than $600. I know nothing about amplifiers. Where can i learn more without biased opinions toward certain companies??

I play stuff like sonic youth, th velvet underground, and a bunch of indie stuff. I need to have clean sounds and then an amp that can also produce lots of feedback and messy sounds.
any advice??
VOX ADVT 30/50
i wished id've got that instead of my Spider II 30
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fender hot rod deluxe.

gorgeous cleans.

and an 2nd overdrive channel that you can make quite fuzzy/noisy imo.

EDIT: and its ALL tube, 40 watts

Yea, he's right.

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thanks but i still have no idea about amps.


That question is way too complicated to answer, and a waste of my time. Two words, search button, and research
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ive just bought a vox ad30vt... they are CLASSS!!!!
was playing a ad50vt and a ad100vt.... unreal!!!

id recomend them to anyone!!!
i have the same problem: need a new amp, but no idea which to choose from ~

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Marshall AVT50
Peavey Valveking (120 watts)
Peavey Bandit
Crate GLX
Crate FXT

....i know it seems like a better idea to go test em out, but i dont have the time, nor do i know of a place where i can test em out (guitar center and music stores are too far away from where i live), which is why id like to ask people which amp is better suited for metallica, system of a down, avenged sevenfold type of music.