I just got my new guitar yesterday and I went to restring it last night and for some reason I can't get rid of fret buzz on the low E string. I have adjusted the string's height and I did get a better result, but the buzz is still there. My strings have been wound properly, 3 wraps around the tuner.

I would really love some help because I am ready to smash my guitar.
Thanks in advance.
did you put the same string gauge? also, does the buzzing happen when playing open strings and near the nut, or higher up the fretboard closer to the body?
I have this same problem! My buzzing is on my low E, and happens closest to whatever note I fret, and also happens when I hit the open E. I have adjusted the string height, which has made the buzzing less, but I still have buzzing.

I have .09 boomers on a 98 Standard MIM strat.
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Sorry that info would be helpful
It is an Ibanez GRX40 and the buzzing happens between the 6th and 7th fret. As far as the same string gauge I am about 90% sure it is the same, but in case not, what else can I do?

EDIT: It buzzes with the string open and just a bit when fretted.
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im sensing that there could be a bit of neck bow

Is that possible with a brand new guitar?
you shouldve checked the neck before buying, yes it can happen

did you get it online?
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Is that possible with a brand new guitar?

sure... if it's not set up properly. you probably need a little more up bow in the neck. i had the same problem when i got my guitar. so you should loosen the truss rod a bit (don't do it if you don't know how).
Well, I had no buzz with the original strings, however they WERE wound too tight and 2 snapped while tuning. I figured I might as well change the set and now I have this annoying buzz.
Could symptoms of a bowed neck be similar to using a different gauged set of strings? Maybe I bought the wrong ones. I am using D'Addario .009
^^yes, maybe they're too light, maybe you had 10's before. heavier strings would put more tension on the neck and cause it to up bow a little.
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how long did you have the strings off?

I changed one at a time, I figured it would put too much stress on the neck if I took them all off. Now as far as a bowed neck, it looks perfectly straight or could it be something I can't really see?
Did you change the string gauges?

I think it's either the neck bow, or you have to raise the action if you used heavier strings.
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^^it shouldn't be perfectly straight. it should be a little up bowed.

Do you mean down bow.
And when I said neck bow, I meant improper neck bow, as in, excessive bow or too little
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Do you mean down bow.
And when I said neck bow, I meant improper neck bow, as in, excessive bow or too little

i was talking to threadstarter.
yes, we're thinking of the same thing, i meant to say that he needs more neck relief (more bow, the neck would kinda point 'up', that's why i said up bow, sorry if i used the wrong term).
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Ok, well is there something I can do right now in place of getting heavier gauged string? I don't think I will be able to stop at my nearest store until next week when I am not busy.

EDIT: As for raising the action, I have done that and it works a little, but I still get the buzz.
yes, you should loosen the truss rod a bit, so you get more bow. do you know how to do it?
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yes, you should loosen the truss rod a bit, so you get more bow. do you know how to do it?

Somewhat, but if you have some link with a detailed explaination that would be awesome. Just to be sure, the truss rod is located at the base of the headstock and right at the top of the neck, correct?
do this check:
1 fret the low E on the 1st fret (use capo if you have it)
2 fret the low E on the fret where the neck meets the body (still fretting it on the 1st fret)
3 check out the 8th-9th fret. there should be a small gap (max 0.5 mm) between the fret and the low E string
if there's no gap the truss rod is too tight
if there's too much gap (more than a credit card thickness) it's too loose

ok, so first read this:

now that you've read it (if not, do it) you probably know what you should be doing.
if there's no gap you should loosen the truss rod.
if there's too much gap you should tighten it.
half of milimeter is usually considered as perfect neck relief (the gap i've mentioned) but it can vary a little depending on how you like it better. if you can avoid buzzing with less neck relief, then keep it that way.
now, to turn the truss rod nut you'll need an allen wrench.
turn the nut counterclockwise to loosen the trussrod (more gap) or clockwise to tighten (less gap).
turn in small amounts, only 1/8 of turn, max 1/4 of turn. turn slowly and carefully.
if it seems too hard to turn don't do it yourself, you could break the truss rod, ask for proffesional help.
also remember to wait for around an hour between adjustements. it takes time for necks to adjust to new amount of tension and settle.
be careful and patient, it took me two days until i was completely satisfied with my setup...
if you're not sure what you're doing than you're better of taking your guitar to a proffesional.
if there's anything you don't understand or if i forgot to say something, just ask...
hope i helped. good luck!
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