Have any of you sold this amp at guitar center???how much did you get?.Im wondering because i hear that they are going to be discounted soon.
I've always been told by the guy who owned the local guitar shop, that it's better to sell that stuff to people not back to a retailer. The reason is is that they're gonna look for any nick on that take that off, plus maybe give you half of the retail price because it's used and then they'll probably count off for how many years it's been around. But if someone works at a shop correct me if I'm wrong. I sold my Spider 2 112 after I got my Crate 15 watt back and I sold the Spider for $200 and I got it for $300 where as sellin it to the local shop would've got maybe $130 for it. Good luck selling it man.
Don't sell it to a shop, as JackWylde already said. They gouge you at every possible opportunity and give you way less than you could get selling it on a bargain finder or classified ad.

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