hey guys,

i pretty much dig my 'rig' so for my birthday, my dad wants to buy me a few more pedals and a pedal board.

i had a few in mind

the ones that i own, are a crybaby wah, a digitech turbo flange, boss oc-2 green label, and an olllllld mxr graphic equalizer (which i probably wont use).

and the ones i had in mind were

big muff USA
some delay pedal (any suggestions, the cheaper the better)
boss TU-2
and an ernie ball volume pedal

the pedal board im getting is this http://www.rondomusic.net/pdc410e.html

so does anyone have any suggestions for the delay pedal or maybe some alternatives to the one's im thinking about getting?

cool guys,


boss makes a pretty wicked delay pedal
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I would not recommend that pedalboard man. It's nice if you're not traveling much with your gear and just using the case to keep things neet under your bed, but that case is made from some pretty weak aluminum. I've built two rigs with a couple of friends using those cases and after a few months the cases were dented and in such bad shape they wouldn't sit on the floor evenly anymore. On the second case, the handle broke off of it by the third week of use. The cases don't cost much, but you do get what you pay for.
Check these guys out...


I'd recommend this...


you can order any size case for $89. They're great quality, I've had my 40" x 20" case for over a year and it came through for me when I was dead tired and dropped mine down a flight of stairs. Just some scratches and nicks, but the structure is bomb-proof. The only thing you might want to look out for is the front lip, it's over 2 inches and might prevent you from stepping on pedals that are too close to the front. I'd just get some styrofoam and cover it with carpet to match the case to raise the pedals. It's a great deal man.
Lay your pedals on the floor with the power strip and measure it and there you go you git the size
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that pedal tote looks like crap, dosent look like it offers very much protection for youre pedals.
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^ its not like youre going to throw your pedal board agaisnt a wall. Jeez. Just take care of it. Gah its not that hard.

Ive taken mine long and far and Ive gigged with it long and hard and not one thing has gone wrong with it for about 3 years now. Nor my pedals.

and wtf is a pedal tote? gah damn.