So basically ive got a Gibson Les Paul, I look after it etc etc....When I'm not playing it i genereally keep it in the case (fur lined), but it seems to get like a build up on the body and the neck, i have no idea what it is, but it wipes away easily and doesnt seem to be doing any damage.
Can someone clarify what the hell is going on? Am I leaveing it in the case too much?
well i like to call it finger fecis, I belive its your dead skin cells building up and the dirt you have on your fingers, anywho take off the strings use some lemon oil on it and it should clean it right up
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my guess is its the fur from the inside of your case. thats my best guess but i could be wrong.
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the fingerboard isnt really the problem cause i do the lemon oil thing, its like the back of the neck and the body.....I thought it might be the fur aswell

Probly got nothing to do with it at all, but its got a 60's style neck
I believe the substance you are referring to is known as dust.

The dust which collects in houses is composed of atmospheric dust combined with dust generated by the inhabitants, mostly from sloughed skin cells. It can be removed with a broom, dusting cloth, vacuum cleaner or by a swipe of one's hand.
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The sweat from your hands and dust. It isn't a problem, it just happens when you play. Just wipe it off, you'll be fine.
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Washing your hands before you pick up your guitar lessens the build up of grease. Whipe the neck when you're done playing and it should not return. That's what I do at least.