I'm feeling a little bored... And a little curious...

If you had £5000 ( around $9500 USD ) , what gear would you buy?

This DOES NOT include cables picks and straps... Just the basics, what guitar(s), amp(s) effect(s) would you have?

List them like so:

Jackson DK1 Dinky (£1500)
ENGL Invader 150 (£1533)

Total: £3033

That's just an example not my actual rig..

EDIT: Damn, just foudn theres already one like this... But with this you have a budget... So it's different =P
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guitars: fender american tele, prs se soapbar II, fender 60th annaversary strat, fender fat strat.
amps: fender hot rod deville
effects: vox wah-wah, seymour duncan pickup booster, electro-harmonix big muff
A marshall 40th anniversary stack (its about $7000 i think?)
A Reissue American Stratocaster (relic)
Ibanez TS-808 Reissue
- ESP Custom Shop Explorer with an unfinished maple neck, mahogany body og rosewood fingerboard. Two humbuckers, maybe EMGs and a tune-o-matic bridge with double locking system for better tuning stability.
- Some old amp. maybe a Hiwatt full stack.
- Dunlop Crybaby with true by-pass, 30 year old Tube screamer and a chorus.
- Kick ass leather strap!

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Boss CE-2 '79
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Gibson ES-335, 19.995 Kr (1440£
Fender MIA Stratocaster, 10.527 Kr (790£
Marshall 1987x for dirty sounds, 14.950 Kr (1080£
Vox AC30CCH for cleans, 8.350 Kr (600£
Marshall 1960AX, 8.750 Kr (630£
Vox V212BN, 2.975 Kr (210£
Vox V848, 1.750 Kr (130£
Ibanez Tube Screamer TS9, 1.595 Kr (120$)

It all sums up to exactly 5000£
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Maxon Overdrive Pro (or Zendrive)
Bogner Uberschall (Diezel Herbert as a backup)
Vader Cab 412 (2 V30s for low end, 2 Black Shadows for high end)
Crybaby rackmount
TC electronics G major

I think I went past the limit if all those items were new, but oh well
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