I wrote this song in a matter of minutes so their will be a few changes to come, theirs no VOX as of yet. But hopefully next time I post it up their will be!

Hard Rock Song
Yeah, this is some nice ****. Liking the guitar tone. You should mix it louder. The drums sound a bit dull. Not a fan of the snare sound either. You had a decent amount of variation there in the guitar, so the song kept me interested. You had some nice ideas, but where the hell was the guitar solo?!?! I don't think the ending fit the song very well. It was nice and all, but sounded a bit out of place.

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thats cool man. get a guitar solo goin in it and ur laughin

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skint as fuck so dont be too harsh

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The initial riff is pretty cool, but it's just too repetitive. You basically used the same riff over and over with a little variation between open chords, palm muting, and leads. But once you get vocals in there, it shouldnt really be a problem.

Lead tone wasnt great, and you need more vibrato, but the harmonizing octaves was a cool touch. Also, the clean ending was probably the best part of the song.

Get some vocals in this!
ya I know, I hope to put them in soon! I was writing this song as a more lyrical then musical song. so thats why its sorta repetitive and not too much lead! but thanks man!
Good Song!
I was a little disappointed with the tone, unless you were trying to go for a Metallica sound, I guess its just a tone I personally don't like. Try to come up with a solo to put in there, it would be great! I like the ending a lot too, I is a good transition.

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i like the lead riff at the beginning, sounds very indie
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