ok so im thinkin about getting either a digitech GNX3 or GNX4 when i get a job and some money... besides the price wat are some of the main differences... i know the GNX4 is better and has more stuff prolly but is it worth the extra $200???
tbh the distortion and clean out of digitech are very digitalised sounding and I dont like that. Tho effects wise its really good!!.
What equipment do you use?
The main differences between the two are software-wise I believe and really aren't that big of differences. The 3 runs on a slightly different interface than the 4. Also, the 4 has a full drum machine in it while the 3 only has preset patterns. You should probably look at the product manuals to find out what all the two units can and can't do. If money is a real concern, the GNX3 would probably work very well for you.
yeah my cousin have the 4 and he's never even used the whole drum thing and whatnot the things pretty sweet tho i think im getting the 3 cause i dont need the drums r anything.
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