Im thinking im ready to start up a band and Im gonna be finding some muscians but what are some good things to do at the first practice?
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get to know each other, try to jam a bit. evaluate each other's strength and weaknesses so you know how good everyone is and how complex you can make your music.
i had my first full band practice yesterday... it was fun but we didn't get much done try figuring out what songs you are going to do or band names and stuff like that
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well i came with a few riffs already made up to my first and we just built on those
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Pick some easy covers for everyone to learn, have some riff ideas and lyrics handy.
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i had a 1st practice with a band we did some classic rock but we have all been gigging for at least a year. Try and get together with everyone but the drummer and learn some songs. It tends to be easier for a drummer to improvise a song(if there anygood that is).
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First have the drummer do a kick ass beat to back you up...then get your bass player to drop some good bass lines in there. Then the guitarist starts with his riffs, then start leading the band around. Like: "ok *drumers name* can you play a jazz beat" and "*bass players name* lets hear some good slap tones" and change it around and just keep jamming until you get something that sounds good, and u can make it into a complete song. Then after you get the instrumentals for the song down start writing some lyrics and have the singer sing over top of it.

thats just how I'd do it
Just jam and talk about what you all want out of the band. Everyone may have totaly different ideas of what they want out of it. Some people may want a serious band that practices 4 times a week while others may just want people to jam with. Make sure you are all on the same track.

Figure out what style of music you are going to do it this is not aleady decided. Jam and see what comes out of it. I find that if the whole band is there trying to write, people become sidetracked and it doesn't really work out with my band. I tend to write my songs alone and then we can tweak it when we get in the band situation.

Just have fun and take your time. Don't rush into playing live if you aren't ready.

Good luck
Do a cover song or two that you all like and that represents the kind of music you like to make. Practice the hell out of it until you have em down really tight. This will help you a lot with timing and cues and such, and will make you all much more consistent players. Take inspiration from music you like for riffs and lyrics while you're starting out -- Even the pros borrow ideas, LOL. Take the time to become a good solid band before you go out and play shows...Don't just book a gig once you have 5 songs done, because you're more than likely going to think your first 5 songs sucked ass in a few months. And all of you need to practice a LOT. Good luck.