I just recently bought the Guitar Grimoire- Scales and Modes Book and all the pictures of the modes are like 18 note scales, similar to something like this: http://metaltabs.com/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=1102

The notes are the same as the picture from the site as in the book. In the book it labels these types of scales/modes as a 7 tone scale, how is it a 7 tone scale? Im just confused right now
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Seven different notes.

They contain seven different notes over X amount of octaves... go over the patterns and name each note and you'll see there are only 7 different notes, but they all repeat themselves.
its a 7tone scale cause it basically uses 7 tones... well in modes are just the same 7 notes but arranged in different ways for different sounds. ionian/major scale= happy sounding dorian mode=sad etc etc.
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Hey, your scales is just for what I was lookin for have you more of those 3-notes-per-string patterns?


Ah, ok. no problem found everything
This site has the 3nps pattern for every mode of the major scale, as well as an explanation of how it looks compared back to the major scale to determine it's tonality, and a sample of how it sounds in action
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I bought that book a while back. It has proven to be very usefull when learning scales. Other than that, the people above me answered the question already.
thanks, you guys helped me a bunch! =D
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