Hi there,
This song is all about a man that is imprisoned only because he has chosen to explore homosexuality. The title comes from the name of a prison in Iraq, and the breakdown of the song features a confession from the prisoner as he reveals the plight of mankind. I just wanted to hopefully use the power of music to make people aware of how rediculous it is to suppress the idea of homosexuality and how paranoia can indeed lead to something as rediculous as imprisonment for homosexuality.
(It is also a melodic hardcore song)

?I committed no crime
You senseless ****s
My wife, she?ll die
We have no one?

The stone is dead but its history speaks
Of a man tortured for radical beliefs
The sacred institution was under fire
Our nickel plating made him the liar
His love destroyed families
We must stop this disease

?I am a man made from the earth of Eden
A man you have chosen to martyr
Believe not in man?s divine creation
And crusade not for God as millions starve
Your savior has dismayed you
He?s never going back
He lies dead from disappointment
As God weeps in black?

I want to
I want to weep
For a day
For a day when

When our cities all will rise from a grave of prejudiced cries
And the sun will dance on all, even those who caused our fall
Men and women all will cry for the memorial in the sky
Of the man killed for bringing shame only by choosing to be gay
Our reverence is held at the gates, the gates all read
?Love to all.?
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I like it, every line builds on the message to me. I'm not gay, but even more so, I'm not for punishing people for being gay. Bringing awareness to the public, that isn't right even if you do disagree with homosexuality, if they wish to do that with their bodies, then no one should have the right to stop them. What country was he imprisoned in? iraq? please dont tell me america.
I titled the song Khordad after a prison in Iraq where all sorts of horrible things happen, and people are imprisoned for the most rediculous of things, including violating the sacred "institution" of marriage. So, technically he is a prisoner in Iraq, but the message applies to any nation that denies the rights of all peoples to explore their sexuality or anything else they desire. I hope that we as a nation can look back in 10 years on ourselves and feel ashamed of the way we treated homosexuals, similar to the Civil Rights movement.

This is a song for change.
we need some change, our govt is becoming more controlling with each year