Hi, this is my first post ever I checked the stickies and I hope I'm not violating anything by starting a new topic. Well I'm having a problem currently. I have a Crate XT15R (the MusiciansFriend GT15R) and I have a pedalboard and my pedals are... a BOSS MT-2 MetalZone, a BOSS SD-1 Super Overdrive, a MXR EVH Phase 90, a BOSS CE-3 Stereo Chorus, a Jim Dunlop DB-02 DimeBag Signature Wah, and a Jim Dunlop Crybaby 535Q. Well for the most part I'm only using my MT-2 MetalZone and the 535Q and sometimes flip a Phaser or Chorus on. If any of you have had this experience you'll know that your MT-2 has a wicked hiss on it's own. But the Crybaby only adds to the effect. I was wondering if you know of a way I can use some of my other pedals to help dim it down. I don't really want to resort to buying a ISP Decimator or a BOSS NS-2 Noise Reductor because I'd like to get a bigger better amp where I won't need my MT-2. I also like to use my SD-1 sometimes but it's not enough to get me my pinch harmonics squealing like they will with a crybaby and metal zone. If you guys have any solutions it'd be awesome to share. And my style is mainly metal. Like DragonForce, BLS, Pantera, Symphony X, MegaDeth, Steve Vai, Satch, Jason Becker, and the other infamous Virtuosos. I really like reverb too if there's a way you know I can use that to help dim it out. Thank you very much.
Lol as ive learned, MT2 is a piece of crap, just lose it and everything will be better. Cant wait to get rid of mine
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But you don't understand that as much as I hate it I need it. My Crate's distortion will get me nowhere. And I need something heavier than a SD-1. Maybe that Electro-Harmonix Metal Muff, anyone?
Does anyone think the DS-1 could get me roughly the same sound the Metal Zone's getting me with less of the hiss? I see a few of you have them I'm curious what you think...