Right I've a yamaha ERG 121 still with its stock pickups.
My problem is that ever since I've had this gutiar its been prone to making a nasty high pitch squeeling. This tends to happen whenever I hit any of the thin strings on the guitar. Everytime their struck they just squeel and the squeel get worse if I strike them and move onto another string (i.e. I allow them keep ringing). Now the guitar itself is fine its even been checked out so I'm assuming the rather poor default pickups are the most likely cause given they produce the sound. If so is there any particular reason why they would do that I mean do cheap stocks tend to do things like this or is there somthing wrong with them?
i hav a similar issue in a jap les paul. the pups squeel when strings are at rest, i was thinkin of chaging them but not sure what to do. could the ground wire be loose or something?
beleive it or not this still happens wen am palm muting, and which would be the ground wire?
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Just turn the volume of when your not playing .. and learn to mute

that dosnt do anything, a string has to vibrate r else it sqeals like hell, its not like feedback , though it wud be a form of it, its something to do wit the pup