so i was thinking of buying an Ibanez RG1570 or RG2570, but dammit, I can't get myself to say bye to my beauuutiful Fender American Stratocaster.. I really want a locking trem, and a humbucker, so i had a few questions about maybe modifying my Strat into what I was looking for in the RG..
so I want to know a few things.. Whats the best locking trem that i can have put into the strat? I've heard Floyds are hit and miss. is the same true even if I get an Original Floyd? Aren't the Ibanez Edge and Edge Pro supposed to be better? Can I buy an Edge or Edge Pro and get that installed? (are they available?)....
i know i won't be getting the thin prestige neck... Is there any way I can kinda modify the neck of the strat? (sanding, woodwork, something?) or is that too much work to put in?
Finally, putting in a humbucker instead of the stock single coils shouldn't be a problem, right? Should I put in one or two humbuckers? I was thinking of a DiMarzio FRED in the bridge and maybe a hot noiseless single coil in the neck.. that'd make it HSS...
I know thats a lot of questions, but i'd really appreciate some help.. thanks in advance!
If you are going to replace a coil for a buck you're going to lose a lot of that sound you love so much. You're better off buying the RG and playing one or the other whenever you're in the mood. That is a lot of work to put in, and the neck idea isn't such a good one because it will most likely cost loads of money.
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Ok so what's wrong with the neck of the strat?
And I can be wrong but isn't there a stock American HSS strat by Fender?
I can't really help you with the tremolo's... (I personally don't like any kind of tremolo on a guitar) but if you'd want to put a Floyd on a strat there'll have to be some routing done.
there's also a floyd rose fender strat avaible. so you could get a HSS floyd rose strat
I think if you're so enamoured by the sound and feel of your Strat that you wouldn't be happy with it modded. Changing the pickups and bridge will affect the tone of the guitar. You'd be best off just getting another guitar and keeping your strat the way you like it.

And as alerady suggested, Fender make an HSS strat with a Floyd. You might want to look at those too.
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get a high-output single coil bridge and/or single-coil sized humbucker?

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