I like to play anything from punk(mostly blink 182), rock, and some metal(soad). I'm still a newbie and I've only been playing for a little over a month and own a Vintage G-400.
Vox... warmer tone and can handle everything but death/blood/eatbabies/killfamily metal
for your style of music the roland definately.
a vox CANNOT handle a good punk tone or metal at all.
its so low gain.
god i hate those amps....
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Roland definately, ive got 1 and it does everything tht u want it to do. it does any type of music, rock, funk etc...
Well thanks for all your opinions but you guys seem pretty split so its still hard to choose. But I'm leaning towards the Roland, I like high gain stuff like Dammit and Dysentery Gary (Blink-182), and some metal and hard rock (Black Sabbath, Metallica, Pantera, SOAD) as said before. Anymore opinions?

BTW, if it matters or isn't obvious, I like good distortion.
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I hear the Vox does that amount of gain just fine, I find anything that isn't high gain on the cube tends to sound... meh..

If I'm playing Hard Rock and Metal (I don't play metal) then the cube is fine, but if you turn the gain below half on the recto model I think it starts to become just an ordinary SS amp. It's only good for that nice high gain hard rock/metal tone. The other models don't really appeal to me, the cleans are nice, and the only other model I use is the Vox AC model, but that's only when I'm playing stuff like Foo Fighters. It doesn't give the sound I'm looking for though, it just does mid gain ... passably.
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I have the AD30VT and its amazing for cleans and slightly distorted stuff. I would say its good for higher gain metal. Hard rock, classic rock and stuff like that is amazing also.

If you need to play a little metal, just get a pedal with the Vox and you will be all set.
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^ But a Cube will do metal better the Vox paired with almost any pedal IMO. But I agree with sg-rocker173, the Cube's lower gain models are a bit meh. The Cube is very good at playing pop punk Blink and Green Day esque tones tho. It also does Sabbath and Metallica well, so I'd go for the Cube if I were you.
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i ahve the ad30vt i think its very flexible for most types of playing cept it doesnt rly have that much high gain but if ure looking for punk settings and stuff it can do it
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