Ok, so heres an acoustic song with a terrible slide solo. If anyone wants to collaborate with me and work on it then feel free to. Tell me what you think.
I Like it, i downloaded from the original thread.
I added a little solo, just a rough idea btw to replace the slide - if its **** tell me, if not mabe id be up for collaborating.
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To be honest, I didn't really like this. It sounds so annoying, especially hearing the G almost every few seconds. And the rhythm was pretty boring, being straight 8th notes and going "Ba--ba-da-ba--" over and over. Just my opinion though.
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^Well, I made it straight 8ths because I'm no guitarist, and it's a bit easier to sing and play that way. I try to avoid the G chord....but since I'm a beginning acoustic composer I always come back to it. It just kinda sounds right to me I guess. I'll try to break from that, thanks for the crit chris. Incubus: for one reason or another I can't get your file.
the 1 and only thing that bothered me was the straight 8ths but u had a reason....all in alll it was good....8/10

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The song is good, but see if you can mix it up a bit. Meaning, try changing keys to the minor. Hit a few Em and Am chords, and if you think it wouldn't interfere with your playing, a Bm chord could sound awesome in this song. You have your current progression near of the part before the solo as F, Cadd9, F, Cadd9, Em. See, that part is in F, and the relative minor of F is Dm, So try a progression with Dm and Am. The other part is G, D, F, Am. Thats a good progression in G, and the relative minor of G is Em. So, during a part after that, a few bars with Em, Am, and Bm, and even a DMajor would work. This is all just simple things that you can learn to do by yourself and compose more elements into your songs. What you have now is awesome for a beginning acoustic composer.

To incubus rage. You seem to be in the wrong key. The song modulates from G to C (changes). And seems you wrote your solo in F, which has a Bb (A#, in the program) and an F natural, which are both flat sevens in the given keys. for the song, I'd stay in Am pentatonic, and maybe over to Em. I'll try to fix it for ya.

Here: See if you like that.
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Oh **** yea, but i thought started in the pentatonic major then changed to the minor, i knew it sounded off but i wernt thinking :S.
Watch out for FLOODS exploding onto the UK Deathcore scene this summer.