how do you drop b tune?
do you just tune the low e to sound like the b string?
in other words, since when you drop d tune you only change the low e and match it to the regular d string. is it the same concept?
thanks :]
well.. yeah.. just drop it to the note b so yes it would match the b string

the string would be very loose if you have it that low though unless you have a high gauge
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from my understanding, there are two kinds of drop b. there is the "Zakk Wylde" way in which you just tune the E string to B and leave all the other strings alone. Then there is the other way which Slipknot uses in which you tune your E string to B (down 2 and a half steps) and tune the other strings down one and a half steps.
if its just drop B then u gota downtune it like 3 steps, but if its all downtuning tune all ur strings down too, like if its kinda like slipknot tuning u need 2 downtune all ur strings, the easiest way to do it is with a decent tuner or and FX pedal with a tuner cus they have all the notes on not just E A D G B E
Well, there is also drop B like on a 7 string guitar, but without the high e. You just drop everything down 2 1/2 step, so your finished tuning is (low to high) B E A D G B.
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thanks. and once again sry, ill post these things in the tuning forum from now on.
yeah metal militia. the most common tuning using B is the 'lazy B' where the low E is lowered to B ( two and a half steps ) and everthing is lowered one and a half. you should end up with B, F#, B, E, G#, C#. its a killer tuning for metal just make sure u get heavy strings to compensate for the loss in tension
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