Ok before you blow up on me about how all of this cant happen IT IS MADE UP SO YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO SHUT UP AND READ IT ok now i haven't wrote a song for quite a while so if i might have gotten a little rusty this is NOT A WAR SONG this is a SAD LOVE SONG and incase you dont know invisible letters meens letters you write in your mind. (plz ignore the incorrect grammar). I AM NOT EMO I JUST THOUGHT OF THIS AT THE TOP OF MY HEAD!


Hey its me again
Your secret admirer from high school remember
I was gonna tell ya who I was
On graduation day
But before I could I got drafted
Aint that a shame
I cant tell you who I am through a letter
In person that would be better
So I wont die
So you cant cry
So I?ll write invisible letters
Yeah that would be better
Ones you cant see
Ones you cant read
Ones I write in my mind
In my spare time
Thats why I wrote this song
And it goes like this...


Well Im a has been
A washed up
Stick in the sand without you
But words are not enough
To show who you are
Baby your the queen of spades
Your lovely in every way
Baby your the queen of hearts
You make mine melt apart
Baby your the queen of clubs
You make me fall in love
Your the queen of diamonds
Shinning in your beauty
I Love You


Well Im finally over seas
Fighting these iraqi?s
Man they?re a tough enemy
But they still aint touched me
But my friends weren?t so lucky
They all died by friendlies
All these war movies you see
Aren?t exactly true
Men dont always die from the enemy
They sometimes die from friendlies
By accident of course
But I?d still play anything but war
Well i got to get my M16
Make sure its ready and clean
Goin to battle tonight
To fight with all of my might
Dont worry you can still listen to that song I wrote ya remember
Had it recorded for ya
I even mailed it to ya
I think it goes like this...


Im writing a real letter to you now
Saying how sorry I am for letting you down
They finally got me
Right in my main artery
Doctor says I wont live very long
So I have to write quick
Starting to lose feeling from my feet to my hips
So im gonna tell you who I am
Before I go to the other side
Please dont sigh
Because I am...


But he passed away
But she still listens to his tape
And the last line he sang
I Love You


Yes i know its long as hell

there is no singing during the verse your kind of talking then you start to sing during the chorus

tell me what ya think peace