I got a small amplifier made by marshall. (MG15-CD, dont give me crap about it just answer the question) When i put effects on it like heavy metal type ones. Just ne death metal type one i cant hear my gutiar. It just is totally all sorts of crap
so do i turn down my gain and bass or wht?
Fiddle round untill you get a tone YOU want

or buy a pedal like I do, if you want a cheap but good metal pedal, I recomend the 'Behringer Metal pedal' it cost me £15 only! And sounds great

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Yeah the problem is most likely the distortion from the amp. Best bet would be try going to a guitar store, they usually have your amp there in stock. See if theres does that, and if it does, have them hook up a pedal to it and see if that doesnt change anything. It could also just be the driver on it. If I remember right thats an 8" driver (speaker). Its may not be able to handle either the volume you are playing at or a mixture of your EQ and volume. Try reducing the gain some, messing with the EQ you have (i find metal is better with little mids, and maybe 3/4 highs and lows). Otherwise the pedal or a slightly bigger amp may be in the near future for you.
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Im not giving you sh1t about your amp but Im going to answer your question:

The problem youre having with you amp; Is your amp.
try messing with the volume. sometimes when you use a heavy distortion it will decrease the volume. so what you might want to do is set your guitars volume knob to a 1 and then play with the amps volume untill its at the right volume for you to hear. so when you click on the distortion you can turn up the volume from the guitar to compensate for the loss in volume from the pedal
the amp will sound like muddy poo, no pedal will fix it...
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What kind of guitar do you have? I used to have a cheap ****bucket GK, and whatever I plugged it into was all gross and made you want to take a shower it sounded so bad.

Also, it's most likely your gain and bass are too high, and they cant interact together with what you are playing, it's throwing out lots of bass and distortion at the same tiem, so when it exits the speakers, all you hear is noise.

Hope that help'd!

P.S. *cough*getanewamp*cough* sorry, had to
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yea use the clean channel i have mg30 and an uber metal pedal i have to use clean
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I am not exactly u know employed at the moment. I dont have any good guitar stores near me. I would if i ahd a credit card ya know. But neway my guitar is a BC Rich Warlock now actually it is my custom warlock. I call it Raven/Zero Signature. Amazing guitar to me anyway. It is a BC Rich Warlock Bronze with a SH-6 distortion at the bridge, and a SH-2 Jazz at the neck. Dean markely strings right now, they suck! And i am hopefully gittin new tuners soon, idk what that will do but it may help something. The best part of it is the fretboard. Neway i dont wanna broadcast my guitar.

But maybe it is the amp.
My Pedal is a Behringer V-Amp
and no i didnt git to test it b4 i bought it so i am not an ideot. My parents bought it for me last christmas cuz of a dumba** at zzsounds told them it was a good rig.