Can Anyone Tell Me which Carvin Pickups (humbuckers) would be best for playing all types of music (Mainly Blues,Jazz,Rock)

Also, I Am looking at buying the CT6M guitar and am wondering what the some of the items do/improv like the: Floyd Rose Locking Nut, Either the jumbo or low wide dunlop frets, and the fretboard radius.
if you're gonna get the floyd rose, you basically gotta get the nut. the jumbo frets are what i'd go with, and the fretboard radius, if you don't know what it is, leave it standard.

and i dunno much about carvin pickups. but the guitars are good.
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I think the C22 is the stock humbucker for Carvins, full sounding but not overly high output. Nice tones for good varieties, you would need a good amp to push into very heavy metal. Think alnico II.

If you go Floyd, defintely get the locking nut. I like the medium frets but the jumbos are popular too, the help bending a bit.
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Pay the extra $ and get the Holdsworth pickups-------they have a fatter, warmer sound. I think they sound much smoother in an overdriven amp.