I've been realy looking into getting some EMG pickups mainly because of David Gilmour's sound. I'm not really familiar them at all, I've never played a guitar with EMG pickups. I have a Strat HSS, and I i like the bluesy bassy sound that I get with normal single coils. Would these change the sound a lot or would I still get a similiar sound with the EMGs. And also how much do they cost. I'd be looking for 2 single coils and 1 humbucker.
It's VERY difficult to get David's sound. Changing the pick ups wound't help much. EMG normally deliver a warm tone in neck and a very hard metal sound i bridge. I use EMG 81/81 in my ESP that I use for metal. It's really hard to get a good tone out of EMGs, but ince you have they sound killer!

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I won' be able to answer your questions, but I will tell you this: Gilmour doesn't use EMGs in the studio, those aren't the pickups you here on the albums.
Tone wise, EMGs aren't great, but pros use them to keep their sound clean and crisp when they play at high volumes, and often with lots of effects and/or distortion.

I seriously believe that their are better pickups for what you want, like the fender custom shop pickups, I have tried the 68s (I think) and the texas specials, classic strat sound.

Plus I'm sure swineshead, bareknuckle or dimarzio make great single coils too.
David Gilmour uses three of the EMG-SA pickups, but you can buy a whole set featuring 2 single coils and a Humbucker - (SA/SA/81) which I think costs just over $200. EMG pickups will change the tone a bit, but they will also help to give a higher output, increased sustain, and really nice harmonics.

**You have to remember though that these "active Pickups" use a 9Volt battery, which has to be replaced every so often (approx. every year)**

^I agree with the fact that there may be better pickups out there...you may want to check some of these out!!
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can anyone suggest some good single coils and a humbucker that will keep the bluesy bassy sound or maybe even give me a better tone.