I am planing on getting a Carvin California Carved Top CT6. I love the way they look! And they are relatively cheap for all of the options they give you. But you can only order them factory direct so I can't try one out. I was wondering if they were good.
I've heard nothing but good things about Carvin. I'd like to get that model someday.. it's my favorite from Carvin.
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Yeah. The other guitars I wanted (PRS, Gibsons, ect.) were WAY to expensive. Plus you can customize Carvins any way you want to.
The weak point of any Carvin is the stock pickups. IMHO good pickups, not great. However, considering you're getting a custom guitar for around half what you'd pay other luthiers, you can easily change the pickups to anything you want.

The neck seems something of contention with Carvins as well. I like the necks a lot. I think they're just the right size (for my hands anyway) and you can pick your fret radius from 3 different options.

Excellent guitars regardless price.
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A Carvin will walk all over any RG.

And you can have them put other pups in.
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