ok so my girlfriend has an old fender emphasis on old! and its beat to all hell. of course shes a girl so she could care less about playability as long as its pretty. so ive taken up this project to fix her strat. first i want to repaint it obviously ill need to sand it down first what do i do immediately after sanding? do i paint it right after its sanded smooth or do you polish it first? also do you put primer on it? also what paint should i use? will ordinary spraypaint do? what brand of paint is reccomended? also i know nothing about laqeur. you put it on after its painted right? or do you buff the paint then put the laqeur on? what is a good brand of laqeur what type should i use? please help!
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Girls care about playability too! I'm a girl...and I care.

Sorry about that, lol. The "Getting Started on Customizing" thread has all the info you'll need for that. Good luck with the mod! Don't forget to post pictures when you're done!

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However, if we're being all grown up about this (in the pit?) walkingonspikes is dead on
this tutorial helped me a lot, pity its a staining tutorial tho, but its is great for applying lacquer

with regard to paint, i sanded down the finish on my guitar to the wood, then use really fine sandpaper to get it smooth as hell, spray primer on, sand it very lightly again then another coat of primer then light sanding again (as many coats as there is in the tin) , then move onto colours and do the same, other than that just follow this tutorial (sorry for the poor explanation)


oh and i will second the recommendation for Halfords car spray paint and lacquer its great, but be prepared to pay quite a bit to spray and shine your guitar, i think i spent about £35 ish, but then again i also did the neck

good luck man, and post some pics, hope this helps
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How old is old cos you dont want to ruin a guitar that might be worth something.

edit: Not saying you will ruin it but if it is vintage (which i doubt) ok sorry I'll just shut up
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