i'm looking at the Marshall MG30DFX

What does gain and contour mean?

Are there any other amps you'd recomend too, i can get the marshall one for £130
i got the marshall mg30dfx its not that great but if thats 130 dollars thats not bad i just bought the roland cube15 for 95 bucks pretty kick ass little amp.
ibanez rocks
The Marshall MG I played was real muddy sounding.

If I was in your place, I'd either save up more money and buy a tube combo amp, or just buy a Vox, maybe a Roland Cube.
Wow, you've only been playing 5 months! I've been playin a year or two and I still use a lil practice amp. My advice is just stay with what you got for now and wait a while, at leats then your searching for good amps instead of ones thast ads say are good. Also gain is for overdrive and distortion. Contour I have never heard of. Also dude, instead of gettin a new amp right now, just save up. If your a really good guitarist your equipment won't matter. I've seen guys play a standard Squier Tele and he was so good that it sounded better than a 800$$$+ fender. So take my advice and wait a while before gettin new stuff.
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milla, my amps ruined tho, because it's so unpowerful, it can't handle the volume n just sounds terrible
i wouldnt suggest an MG. look at vox or b-52 or peavey for a lower priced amp for less $. the MGs are just there so that people who want a marshall can say they have a marshall.
Maybe some sort of Fender? not really a Frontman, although I have one, and it's not a bad little amp, but maybe a little 30 watt, 50 watt fender FM or Princeton. tehy're not too bad for your level.
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the marshall is muddy sounding sometimes i dont get it sometimes it sounds great sometimes crappy the roland cube 15 is nice all the time the contour on the marshall is the same as midrange on other amps
ibanez rocks
...i've found another place that stocks the roland cube-30, bit more money than the marshal but i'm after quality not a name
Is everyone agreeing that the rlands decent?