Just check it, it's self explanatory. It's not done, I just need more time to think of an ending, or another section. I want feedback first though.

I got carried away with the solo though, I was tabbing it out thinking it was gonna go a lot slower, but it turned out really awesome. (And for you theory buffs out there, that really fast run at measure 37 is a B phrygian#3 scale over an Em7 ).
That was really neat, has a good funk rock feel but it's more than that, very unique. I would make the next part something similar to measures 9-17 but make the basic rhythm in a higher key, like D (I had this natural progrssion of where it would go in my head when it ended and that's it ).
The bass is powerful, but very repetetive. Get a bit more diverse, and it could be really freaking awesome.