I am currently self teaching myself after coming back to guitar. I do not plan of getting a teacher.

Heres my story: I quit guitar about 2 years ago, after playing for roughly two years. I have just started again, and I LOVE it. I don't know why i originally started cause i hated it but now i love it and am glad i have my guitar. I really need some advice on what to do now.

I have some skill on the guitar... I listen to music all the time (literlly about 6 hours a day my comp. is blasting music out of it) and I'm pretty musically inclined. I just started 3 weeks ago and I can play the intro's to purple haze, stairyway, and kryptonite. i can strum and do cords pretty well and can just play rythem over the rest of those songs. There are a few power cord songs i have learned but those are just the same shaped cord all of the guitar, easy stuff. So i have skill, but no idea what im doing. I just read the tab of the net and play it.

Now i got on cyberfret and i have gone through all of the first fret section and done those lessons, and printed them and practiced them. Good stuff. Now i don't know where to go from there, there are literly hundreds of lessons about all kinds'of things on there and the rest of the web. Where should i go from there? Again, i have some skill, but no understanding, which is what im driving for here.

If I KNOW (a difference between understanding and just doing it) what I'm doing i will be a musician.
Ive been playing 3 years and only have had 4 lessons a long time ago, All my teacher did was show me a few chords and scales, the way i got so good (don mean to sound cocky) Was by practicing for hours and hours, and trying to learn hard songs, once i learned a really hard song, it would teach me a technique, so i would be able to play similiar songs easier.
if understanding is what you seek, then start with basic theory.

go over lessons pertaining to:

the 12-tone scale
the major scale
chord building
and most importantly, playing in key, and how to know which chords can work in which key.

for further understanding of the fretboard, look into:

movable chord shapes
finding root notes all over the board by using octaves
Learn scales and things so you know where all the notes are. You should also like learn a technique and then just practise it untill you have it. The best way to get "good" is just to practise all the time.