i went on vacation for about a week. when i came back i went imidietly to my guitar(i didn't bring any guitar on the trip so i couldn't wait to play). i plug my guitar in my death metal pedal. it worked like usuale but the light didn't come on and when i play plame mutes there is thi sort of buzz in the back.

i don't know what it could be are is it the pedal or the amp. or is the battery dead.
if anyone could help it would be very appriciated.
New battery will fix it, Dont leave your leads in the pedal when you go on holiday, allways disconnect before you go or the battery will run flat.
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^are u shure cause i didn't let my lead on far that week it's sort of wierd. any way ill try and ill see
yeah mine does that too, new battery will fix it
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