I have been playing guitar for about 3 years, all self taught (except for a class about theory last year). I have stuck mainly with rhythm, but it's getting boring. Due to me sticking to rhythm, I made a habbit of curling my pinky and sticking it almost under my ringfinger (on my fret hand). I have tried to start playing with my pinky, and it's getting stronger and i'm getting used to playing with it, but that's not helping me. I want to begin scales. I want to be able to atleast play creative solos at some point in my life, maybe even shred. What should I do? Should I just take lessons, or can I do it without them? What should I practice? Any books I should pick up? How do I build my speed? Any information that could help me would be nice.
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First off, here's a lesson on scales HERE

Also, get the book Berklee Modern Metheod for guitar
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What kinda music do you play?

Blues - Pentatonic Scale
Jazz - Diminished Scale
Death/Black Metal - Harmonic Minor, Melodic Minor, Diminished
Neoclassical - Harmonic Minor, melodic minor, Phrygian
Rock - Pentatonic Scale
Thats just a couple for ya. Look em up
For heavy metal, I assume you mean like Metallica, use pentatonic.. For trivium, they use the harmonic minor alot, and sometimes the pentatonic
Also learn the Minor scale as well. Metallica uses it in a few songs (master of puppets solo)
Watch This

Also look for "The Guitar Grimoire" its great

Edit: Also, you shouldnt really concern on scales but more "Ear Training". It allows you to "hear" the notes in your head. Really useful in creating melodies and what not, That and Download "Fretboard Warrior", its also very useful.
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I suggest you find a book with the diagram of the whole guitar neck, showing all the notes in a specific key, at all pitches. Then you just learn the pattern. For a minor scale you just start at a different position.

That is the most versatile way to learn scales. I wasn't a decent guitarist until I did that.
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Sometimes I use pentatonics, when I do bluesy stuff. But when I do metal playing with tapping I use Natural/Harmonic Minor because in my opinion, rh playing is much better sounding if there's an occasional semi-tone. That is, unless of course I choose to mix a pentatonic major with it's minor counter part. Jeez, I'm ranting.
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The key to learning scales is to go very slow. Practise all the finger movements and shifts at a speed that ssems to slow. Its like when you do a oral prestentation your supposed to speak at a slower speed give that a try. Im gonna try and dig up a scale sheet that I have that taught me the Major, Minor and Pentenonic scales and post it.

Here is the link. Really helped me, I dont take credit for making this I give that to Mr. Royce my guitar teacher for 3 years.
Scale Patterns

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Phrygian and Dorian can be great for metal, if thats what you're into. You should probably start with minor pentatonic though.

As for speed there is a great thread in the 'archive of the best threads'. I'd link you but I dont know how!
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