I am looking at buy a Peavey Grind 6 string. I have played one before and they are pretty nice.They cost around $470, I was wondering if they are really all that good in the long run(only played one once or twice) and if anyone knows of any other good 6 string bass that is under $500 or close to it?
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My friend has one, as far as I know it's a good well built bass and well worth the money, I've never played one though. You'll struggle to find a better six string at that price i think, unless you hit eBay
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around the same price i had to choose between a Peavey and a Harley Benton HBB6000 - i got the HB.
I think that the necks on the Grind basses feel weird. If you want a six I'll sell you my Dean for $300. Pm me if you're at all interested.
Dean make nice 6 strings, they quite cheap as well. Shine, bit less money so a bit less quality, Axle as well.

Yahama do nice 6 strings, really professional sounding ones, the John Myung one is awesome!! Not sure how much it is in dollars but its about £500
The John Myung sig is $999,Yamaha does not have a 6 string under $899.
Bumper- Thanks for the offer but no thanks. I have played some Deans and I don't really like the feal of them. But thanks none the least.
Holiday, Boulevard Of Broken Dreams And American Idiot's Solos!!!! Those Are Soooo Good!!!
Wow, that sucks. My dollar to sterling ratio is rather shockingly bad. Ummm, yeah six string basses are really good, I looking to get one. Not played on a Peavy but I hear they are value for money. Have you tried an Ibanez basses? They do a few six strings? not sure on the price though
Fozzie, I'm getting an SR406 by the end of summer, it's not only a beautiful bass, but the feel of it is great. Sounds pretty good too. All i can say is I'm really impressed with it. I'm jumping right from a 4 to a 6, so i've been checking out lots of 6 stringers.
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^^ Cool, Im looking to jump form 4 to 6 strings cos just having 5 seems slightly pointless when for an extra little bit of money you can have an extra string and do a bit more high end stuff.

I shall have a look into that SR406, how much it costing ya?
Actually, SR506's are supposed to be really damn good. I've played an older model, but I didn't like it too much, mostly because the back of the neck was way too flat for me. Try a few out, they come stock with Bartoloni pickups.
seriously, the grind bass will not let you down, it's a good solid 6 string if ur starting out that adventure. I had/ still have one, but am now looking at the John Myung sig, but aye, I'll deffo keep the grind as a back up bass... plus it's one of the cheapest thru- necks I've ever seen