hi everybody

well, im thinking about buying a new guitar these 2days ..
and im between those guitars

LTD Axxion Dave Mustane
LTD Jeff Haneman
they r really good , but dunno thet r made in korea >> but really good pickups
Ibanez RG2550

any suggestions plllz

all three are good but the ibanez needs a pick up change most likely

and dont doubt the LTDs as long as their model number is at least 400 or higher they are usually awesome
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The Axxion is a really great guitar.
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i have an LTD and i love it. I've tried ibanez and they just arn't my thing
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ltd has great guitars. almost all of their stuff is awesome
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Quote by wylde_overdrive
I say if you want a trem, the RG2550. If you don't, the Axxion.

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