Ive been looking at Guitar Rig 2, but ive realised that this piece of baby is too expensive for me because im still a beginner at these type of things and i want to start off with cheaper but quality ones.

Basically what im looking for is something that you would be able to play using the PC and the PC speakers giving you great sound and tons of effects... but it seems like softwares do all the tricks and they give more variations than those thats built into the interface hardware.

Ive been looking at zoom g2.1u, however it seems that all the effects are built into it and not dependent on the software.(which means there are lesser effects and versatility compared to the software provided by Guitar rig).. can i use the guitar rig software for this pedal???

I would appreciate any help and recommendations for such kind of gadgets... because i truly have no idea as to what im doing. (basically guitar rig is my ideal kit because it just offers a lot of things that you can do, record stuff, playback, effects, amp simulator, etc etc)
get an m audio black box. it's great for recording onto your computer and it's cheaper than guitar rig. since the black box is a hardware device, that means there's no latency when recording. also you can download the updated firmware which gives you more amp models and effects for free on the m-audio website
wow,, this looks wonderful. Is there a socket to this amp(is there one that goes with it as well) that connects a pedal to it? =) i need pedals
if you are talking about stompbox pedals, no. the pedals refer to expression and momentary pedals which only apply to the black box
oh i see.... do you have this baby??? do you know any more interfaces. Hehehe, im just comparing the zoom and this one, and i still have to see the software m audio released.

can the gitar rig software be used on this one too??? or its just soley for guitar rig??
the guitar rig is just a virtual software that you can record onto the computer thru the stompbox via usb. the black box is pretty much a digital audio stompbox that you can record onto the computer via usb. if you are interested in more interfaces just look on musician's friend->recording->computer hardware.
pretty much the same but with different modeling amps/effects. but what's cool about the black box is that you can go to the m audio site and download tones from other people on line into your own black box along with the ones that are already on there
For u get the zoom g2.1u and buy a usb connector so u can connect it to the PC and use demo version or OEM version of Guitar Rig 2.

Works well for me... i got the g9.1u and its soo sweet... they give a Cubase CD as well which the ASIO driver in give me next to nothing lag.

You wont regret it.... Guitar Rig is awesome and the zoom fx is awesome already.

if you love ur guitar tone.... this is the cheapest opinion.

PM me for more info.
Guitars... *drools uncontrollably*
wow... nice im gathering good ideas in here.... do you use your computer speakers for the job?? because i got a surround system and im wary that it might blow up.. lol... is it gonna be safe to use this rather than the amp??? (amps are not made for drums effects and etc etc background music i think)
do what buy guitarport for 100$ then download guitar rig from torrents -it works great trust me
lol... that is a very good idea... !!! guitar port is cheap too
ive just did a bit of reserach for guitar port, it seems like for the price, i would rather have the zoomG2.1u... theyve got similar prices here in the uk
anyway, ive decided to get the m-audio thing anyway because it doesnt need any software simulation and basically because its cheap... So, does anyone here agree???
So I dont mean to bring up this old topic again, but does this mean that the M audio black box can be plugged into an amp and used live? I'm a noob when it comes to stuff like this, im kinda in this guys situation. I have guitar rig 2, but i have lag issues because im plugging it to my soundcard and not through a toneport or other interface.
there a difference between what you record and what you play live. the m audio black box or guitar rig imo or any other software imo is gonna sound "fake" when hooked up to an amp. i've hooked it up to my amp before and it just sounds different. that's the reason that they make stompboxes, to play in a live setting. To me, if you get one you should use it for just recording because unless you are filthy rich and can afford any of those amps how can you tell the difference if you use a real amp or not. think about all the music that you hear today and tell me if you notice a difference or not. you wont be able to tell the difference unless you are a pro engineer or pro whatever.
I'd personally recommend either a Toneport or Guitar Port. Cheap, reliable, expandable, and shìtloads of great tones. It's also the easiest recording interface going.
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someone mentioned using just the guitar rig software w/ a cheap hardware interface like the guitar port. anyone else know how this would work? does guiter rig only recognize usb inputs or can i get it working with like a preamp fx out -->mic input on the computer?
I've used Guitar Rig 1 & 2 using my Guitar Port as an interface, but there's way too much latency. I tried it on several fast PCs, and can't get a useable latency. It will work somewhat, but it's not recommended.

Besides, the models in Guitar Port are all software (like Guitar Rig) and IMO sound much more like real amps. They have fewer options and settings, but are much easier to use and sound more realistic. If you have Guitar Port, there's really no use in trying to use anything else with it.
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I'm with Crunch, TonePort is awesome. I use it and it's never failed me.