ok i got these elixir strings this weekend to put on my fender strat squire electric guitar. i was performing a complex string tie where i bend it toward me then up then under the string and its supposed to lock in the string. now when i started to tighten up that string starts hitting the fret board and lets face it...its all screwed up. what did i do wrong? how can i fix this? and is there a better way to load strings? thanks
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hahaha noob.

yeah, you where probably in his spot at one time , but yeah, if you can stretch the strings by snapping them try that, or yeah like the other guy said you could get the strings lowered or hieghtened on the neck
Im talking about on the saddles, I had the same problem with elixers on my strat too, they take a second to strech, tune a half step up then back down into tune, play it, repeat. Or if that dosnt work, take my first advice.

P.S. KnowYourEnemy, I had the exact same problem too when I first started playing guitar. You probably did too. Get a life.